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What is Balance by Everymoon and how can it help you?

Posted by Rene Wright on

A full shaker of vanilla drink and a full shaker of chocolate drink, sat on a doorstep in front of a blue door

Balance by Everymoon is a powdered food and was developed by Ged, a retired police officer, and his partner Rene, with the emergency services and key workers at front of mind. After many years as a response officer in North Herts Police, Ged knew how difficult it was to find a decent healthy meal in the middle of the night, or between the many jobs that stacked up throughout a day shift.

Balance by Everymoon is designed to be a healthy "fast" food, whatever shift you're on; perfect if you're tight for time, or lunch-breaks just don't exist in your world. It's a delicious and nutritious, filling meal, it's high in protein & fibre, and with only natural flavourings & sweeteners it sustains you for hours. 

Intended to be mixed into a convenient shake or made up as overnight oats, it's a nutritionally complete meal.The base is raw oats, pea protein, pumpkin seeds and coconut MCTs (medium chain triglycerides), and it has a carefully developed balance of protein, carbs, fat and fibre as well as all the vitamins and minerals you need.
Protein contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass, a basic need for all humans, not just those who like to lift weights in the gym. With around 28g of protein per 100g of powder, we've ticked the box on high protein.
There has been many articles written about the benefit of "good fats", and Balance by Everymoon offers both Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids through the blend of ingredients, including evening primrose oil, which is believed to have a range of benefits, including being considered particularly beneficial for women of menstrual and menopausal age.
Flavour is a key focus for us, and we created our product to be low in sugar. We use only natural flavourings such as raw cacao and sweeteners such as stevia and xylitol; and, because we didn't compromise on flavour, our products taste beautifully light and natural, not overly sweet and synthetic. 
Our product does not contain whey or dairy or indeed any animal products; we wanted to consciously develop a vegan friendly proposition for a number of reasons. To be as inclusive as possible not only to those with dairy intolerances but also to committed vegans, because we ourselves are trying to move to a vegan lifestyle. 
Serving size is a personal thing, but a great start point is one scoop for breakfast (that's about 200 calories) and two scoops for lunch (that's around 400 calories). Blending with around 200-300ml of liquid per scoop, creates a lovely pourable drink. We highly recommend mixing with plant milk for a lovely low calorie way to make an even creamier shake.