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What is Balance by Everymoon?

Simply put; powdered food! Designed to be mixed into a convenient shake, it's nutritionally complete and the base is oats, pea protein, pumpkin seeds and coconut MCTs, with a dash of evening primrose oil. It's beautifully flavoured with natural flavourings and sweeteners; we didn't compromise on flavour so our products taste light and natural, not sweet and synthetic. A liquid food may not be for everyone; but if you like the idea of a quick, convenient and nutritious breakfast or lunch in a shake, then Balance by Everymoon is it!

Is it a weight-loss product?

We didn’t develop Balance by Everymoon as a diet product, but yes it really could help you lose weight as part of a calorie controlled diet. The average lunch serving is a satisfying meal and has less than 396 calories.

Balance has oats as the key ingredient which is naturally low in sugars (low GI). Per 100g of product, there are 39.6g of carbohydrates, of which 0.9g sugars.

Should I replace 3 meals a day?

We purposefully named this product Balance because we don't propose anyone replaces all their meals with this. We recommend replacing just breakfast and/or lunch, ideally, because we all need some variety in our diet.

How much is in each bundle?

There's a 1.5kg pack in each Solo starter bundle. This is minimum 15 meals, which works out to be £1.97 per meal. The bundle comes with a free accessory pack of 700ml BPA-free shaker and a measuring scoop.

There are 2 x 1.5kg packs in each Duo starter bundle. This is minimum 30 meals, which works out to be a cost of £1.65 per meal. The bundle also comes with a free accessory pack which includes a 700ml BPA-free shaker, a measuring scoop and a cotton tote bag.

How do I mix it?

Mix the powder with either cold water or a nut milk; here at HQ we love cold plant-based milk! You need roughly 200-300ml of liquid to each scoop, depending on your preferred texture. The number one rule is liquid goes in the shaker first! Check the cap is screwed on right and the top is firmly snapped shut, finger over the spout then shake, shake, shake! If it's too thick, add more liquid through the spout. If it's too thin, use less liquid next time around.

If you like it with a bit of texture, get stuck in straight away. If you prefer a softer thicker texture, let it stand for a couple of minutes. Then drink and enjoy.

Key nutritional information

Serving Size: 100g | Servings per Pouch: 15  
Per 100g
Energy 1581kJ
Fat 12.8g
Of which Saturates 4.1g
Carbohydrate 39.6g
Of which Sugars 0.9g
Fibre  8.9g
Protein 27.6g
Salt  0.56g


Serving Size: 100g | Servings per Pouch: 15  
Per 100g
Energy 1659kJ
Fat 12.7g
Of which Saturates 3.7g
Carbohydrate 39.6g
Of which Sugars 0.9g
Fibre  6.4g
Protein 30.3g
Salt  0.71g


Is it really vegan?

Yes, all of our ingredients are vegan, including vitamin D which is derived from algae.

What is your stance on monkey slavery?

One of the main ingredients in Balance by Everymoon is medium-chain triglyceride powder, which is derived from coconuts. In recent months the issue of monkey slavery has come to light. We can confirm that our suppliers do not source coconuts using monkey slavery and have a strong policy against this. We would not work with any company or supplier who used this practice.

What's in the packaging?

We pack our pouches in strong reusable and recyclable brown cardboard boxes, with layers of Eco Flo packing fill to ensure your products get to you in good condition. Eco Flo is environmentally friendly and made from starch. Since it's a natural packaging material it's 100% biodegradable, fully compostable, and even dissolves in water and they help protect your items as they pass through the delivery network.

More questions? Please email us at hello@everymoon.co.uk