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Raspberry Tang 2020 Is Cancelled 6" Crass-Stitch Kit

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Tell them how you really feel! This glorious cross stitch kit is guaranteed to please any recipient this Christmas. This kit is not twee and it's definitely not polite, but it is the best in absolute crassness. Crass-stitch, if you will. Gift it as a kit, or stitch it yourself and gift the completed hoop. 

This pessimistic 6" Crass-Stitch Kit includes:

- pattern design

- 1 bamboo hoop

- 1 square of navy Aida 14ct fabric

- 1 John James needle

- 1 bobbin of DMC colour embroidery thread

- 1 ribbon for hanging.

*Please note that bamboo hoops, Aida fabric and DMC thread are all made from natural materials, so some variations may occur. 

Raspberry Tang Crass-Stitch Kits are designed and packaged in the UK.

These kits are dispatched from a separate location to Balance by Everymoon products, so may incur a postage charge.